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"We nurture personal, physical, mental and financial freedom"

We are a global team of successful consumer direct business owners

Ghani Academy History

The Academy was founded in 2003, when Fatemi Ghani made a life changing decision.

Today the Academy represents 500,000+ people within a global network of customers and business builders. The Academy is lead by top leaders, that specialize in areas of expertise that promote health and wellness products that can produce life changing results. These leaders also promote a business opportunity to anyone that feels they would like to start a carreer in network marketing.

Fatemi Ghani giving a presentation

Our Mission is to educate leaders and provide the necessary tools to promote a heathly consumer direct business.

We accomplish this by providing information in the form of coaching and mentoring and by making trainings available online through the Ghani Academy Training Center.

Fatemi Ghani

The Founder, international coach, trainer and speaker.

The joy of living a fulfilling and accomplished life comes by making a difference in the lives of others, and this difference mostly comes from the act of giving. For many years I persevered in building my business in becoming a top recruiter, leader and trainer.

Fatemi Ghani

In addition to our great business opportunity...

you will also have access to trainings and tools.

Our Getting Started Kit contains our Direct Selling Home Study Course!

The Prospect

System A ~ Identifying who your prospects are, how to create a list, prioritize your list and make new contacts everyday is what this system is all about.

Objections and Questions

System B ~ Understanding objections and why you need to be asking the right questions is vital to your success.

Business Marketing Tools

System C ~ Your marketing tools represent you and your business. This system will aid you in identifying and keeping your information base current.

Natural Approach

System D ~ The Natural Approach was developed to enable you to prospect in a natural way. Using the Natural Approach will build rapport.

Natural Presentation

System E ~ Giving presentations is the core of network marketing. This system will help identfy the different groups you will be presenting to.


System F ~ Failure to follow up after a presentation can lead to mis-opportunity. This system was designed to ensure that you do follow up!

Ghani Academy Member Support

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