Time Management

Time management is the biggest challenge people have in their work, business and personal life. If we can balance and manage our time intelligently, we can do much more, be more productive and above all have stress free life.

Details of my Time  Management webinar is given below. Looking forward to seeing you there

DXN Training

Training is the backbone of Network Marketing business. It is vital that any entrepreneur who would like to pursue Network Marketing as a career need to learn and get trained about this industry. This video explains as to how and from where one can get the training.

Journey to Crown Ambassador – Part 3

In my journey to the top status, I used the One World, One Market concept to expand my business globally, got connected with the top gurus in Network Marketing industry, used the home office to coach people and empowered women in Gulf.

This video explains how I did it and what you can also learn from it.

Journey to Crown Ambassador – Part 2

This video is the second part to ” Journey to Crown Ambassador” Network Marketing business is like any other business, which requires hard work and skills to succeed. In this video, I have elaborated the success tips.

My Journey from a Member to Crown Ambassador

Few years back, DXN informed me that they are planning to make my success story. So, I thought, why not I jot down my 10 years of journey and what I did to achieve that success. It took me almost two weeks to brain storm and write the script so that others can learn the business skills.

DXN–All about the Ganoderma Company

DXN, the Ganoderma Company video tells the complete story about the company, Dr Lim and people behind the success.  In order to learn about DXN, it is important to know the past, present and future and this videos explains everything.

This video is the best tool you can give to your prospect to get an idea about DXN wellness and opportunity program.

My Business Seminar in Turkey

There are many factors for success in Network Marketing business. In my opinion, duplication is one of the key elements to success in this wonderful global business.

I am happy to announce that I will be conducting seminars in Turkey from 13th to 17th February 2017 and train Networkers how to use duplication in expanding their business.