Why I Love Network Marketing Business?

It is a dream of everyone to have personal freedom, it is an irony that country achieve their freedom but people still struggle to get their freedom. Through Network Marketing global business, I found my personal freedom. In this blog, I have listed what personal freedom entails. Out of all the freedom, the freedom to give is above all with zero restrictions.

Freedom to Give

I cannot think of a better way to earn a living then by solving problems of others, and here is the best: if people like the solution, well and good, if not, no problem, I am still a winner— my intention was to help, whether I hear No or Yes.

Time Freedom

In Network Marketing, there is zero restriction of time and place unlike other professions. You work from the comfort of your home, and create your own hours to build your business.

Financial freedom

Before Network Marketing, I had no fallback if I lost my job. I was clinging to my job— stress of most jobbers. I started my business part time and within four years of nonstop dedication and discipline, turned it full time, which helped me achieve financial freedom.

Growth freedom

As an aerospace engineer, my growth was limited to technical knowledge, which stagnated after 10 years. After joining the  Network Marketing business, I studied Food Science and Nutrition to understand food supplements and how these natural herbs work. I received sufficient knowledge in two years to talk about the organic supplements, but I still find myself learning about food science. Furthermore, the area of personal development is limitless, which allows you to constantly find your weaknesses to turn them into your strengths.


Network Marketing has taken me to several countries, allowed me to train people, and make friends globally. Network Marketing gives the opportunity to help others succeed, and then, celebrate success in yearly Travel Seminar Incentive Trips around the world.


Network Marketing has given me personal freedom. I get to meet new people and help them every day, and ultimate happiness comes when I show people how they too can achieve personal freedom.

2017 Goal Setting for Networkers

2017 Goal Setting for Networkers

(Seven Tips to Achieve Your Goals)

As we bid farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017, if we take an account of what we did in 2016, we will see most of us are almost in the same place as previous years. After making so many resolutions, the important question is, why are we stuck in the same place for several years?

After being in the Network Marketing business for over fifteen years and coaching thousands of networkers globally, I consider the following reasons for why goals are not achieved:

  1. Most people do not have a goal, and if they have one, it is in their minds, which makes it a wish. When you write down your goals and set a deadline, the chances of attaining your goals increases from 5%to 80%.  
  2. Most people are ambiguous in setting goals. Remember, clarity and simplicity is the solution to achieving goals.
  3. Don’t have too many goals, set one high priority goal.
  4. People fail to achieve goals because they have little or no planning. When planning, identify the obstacles in achieving the goals, and then brainstorm action steps to overcome the obstacles.
  5. The most critical part is execution. Make a definite plan of action and prioritize it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  6. Achieving goals is not a random, one day, or one month action, but it is 365 days of disciplined acts.
  7. Many networkers fail to accomplish their goals because they do not have someone to guide them or hold them accountable. Have a coach and mentor.

The goal of a networker should be to build a great network by communicating with people in order to find the right prospects, who will then become their business builders.

I wish you and your loved ones a very prosperous 2017 and beyond!


Hello world!

Good Morning. This is my first post in  http://www.ghaniacademy.com/  I will be writing blog regularly and try to share my views on health & wellness, network marketing & entrepreneur skills, personal growth traits and about life in general.

If you look at the photo in this blog, you will see a flower pot fully focused and the surrounding is blurred. Like this photo, I will be focused too in my blog and will have value based articles, where you can get benefit from it.

Hope to see you every week. Do please give your feedback on my blog and I will be happy to reply to your comments.

Happy Holiday and wonderful New Year.  See you on 1st January 2017.