Health is wealth seminar

Health is wealth and I will be talking as to how one can be healthy naturally. You are invited to my free Hidhi/Urdu seminar in Al Ain, UAE. Details are in my banner

Seminars on Health and Wellness in Sharjah & Dubai

Today we are in a cross road and do not know how to keep ourselves healthy in an unhealthy environment. I am happy to invite you to my wellness seminars, where I will share with you latest data and research. Details of the seminars are below:

24th October, 8pm in Crystal Plaza, Sharjah

27th October, 8pm, in Mazaya Center, Dubai

DXN Products

It is impossible not to be affected by toxins in our lives. Unfortunately, we live in a world where our food, drinks, and air have all been polluted. Even if we avoid fast food, we are consuming pesticides through fruits and vegetables.

Here is the big question: how do we detoxify ourselves? The answer lies in eating natural/organic food, regularly exercising, properly sleeping, and avoiding medicines as much as possible. After doing all this, you still need to consume food supplements to fully detox your body.

In the following video, I explain how DXN products work and why we need them.