How to join DXN

DXN is a global business. Anyone can join online free and later can activate their membership. With the DXN ID, one can start as a consumer and later become a business builder.

Following video explain what one need to do to join DXN

DXN Training

Training is the backbone of Network Marketing business. It is vital that any entrepreneur who would like to pursue Network Marketing as a career need to learn and get trained about this industry. This video explains as to how and from where one can get the training.

DXN Business

Most people dream to be an entrepreneur but do not know how to start or do not have the right product or opportunity. DXN business provides the right product with one of the best opportunities.

Following video will show you the benefit of DXN global business.

Journey to Crown Ambassador – Part 3

In my journey to the top status, I used the One World, One Market concept to expand my business globally, got connected with the top gurus in Network Marketing industry, used the home office to coach people and empowered women in Gulf.

This video explains how I did it and what you can also learn from it.

Journey to Crown Ambassador – Part 2

This video is the second part to ” Journey to Crown Ambassador” Network Marketing business is like any other business, which requires hard work and skills to succeed. In this video, I have elaborated the success tips.

Home Office in Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing business is like any other corporate business and, if done right and professionally, will give you the same or higher income.  Since you as a networker, run your business from home, you need to have a home-based office.  The biggest advantage is that you work from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

In my book Map Your Freedom, I have dedicated a complete chapter on Home Office in Network Marketing.

In the video below, I have shown you my home office in Gulf and what all it contains.

 Importance of Network Marketing Events

There are several network marketing events, including seminars, product launches, leadership camp, conferences, and yearly recognition night. These events are crucial for our business because our business is done through word of mouth, either online or offline, but the real impact of these events is felt when one attends one of them.

Over the years, I have seen that networkers take these events lightly, which surprises me. There are 4 key reasons why networkers should attend all events:

  1. Motivation
  2. Learning
  3. Networking
  4. Business


Network marketing revolves around motivation and these events leave a huge impact on the audience. Companies usually launch new products or share their future plans of expanding business in new countries. The motivation one feels by attending an event on the stage, and be recognized in front of thousands of people is far better than what you get in the form of money.


There are 2 types of learning experienced at these events:

  1. Theoretical
  • President / CEO of a company give facts about where the company started, where it is now, and where it will be in the future.
  • Products, where scientists and researchers talk about ingredients and benefits of the products. All these data build confidence in the mind of networkers, in case a time arises where you are asked technical questions by doctors or government officials, you should satisfy them with all relevant data.

2. Practical

  • You can have your challenges answered by the top leaders. The success stories, skill sets, and testimonials of achievers show you a road map to how you can also be an achiever.
  • Personal development helps networkers learn by interacting with leaders—right from the way they talk, dress or move, helping new comers change their mindset and belief about the industry.


Since leaders from all over the world congregate, this is the best place to connect with people whom you have seen on Facebook or YouTube. You build relationships and of course learn what those top achievers do to become highly successful. Also you make connections with other members from different cities and country, but remember not to prospect them, focus on only building a professional relationship.


These events help all guests/prospects get the knowledge, raise their credibility, and belief in what you have been saying. At the end of the day, you want more consumers in your business and such events allow you to do that!

What and why, you as a distributor/leader of your network marketing company should do?

  1. Promote the event as much as you can.
  2. Make sure you and your members buy the tickets and attend the event with your entire team.
  3. As a leader, your presence with your team will induce a positive impact on your business.
  4. Your bonus and your rank in coming months will rise.

What should you do after the events?

  1. Write down what motivated you at the event. This same motivation will fuel your work for the coming months
  2. The next day, read all the notes, looking for new things you learned at the event.
  3. Based on what you have learned, create an action plan and immediately implement it.
  4. Follow up with people you networked with.
  5. Set a new goal for how you and your team will work with the new vision.
  6. Gather all your team leaders and exchange notes, focusing on their new goals


The success of networkers revolves around events. In my opinion, attending events should not be an option, but be a MUST for all, whether they are new members or leaders.







2017 Goal Setting for Networkers

2017 Goal Setting for Networkers

(Seven Tips to Achieve Your Goals)

As we bid farewell to 2016 and welcome 2017, if we take an account of what we did in 2016, we will see most of us are almost in the same place as previous years. After making so many resolutions, the important question is, why are we stuck in the same place for several years?

After being in the Network Marketing business for over fifteen years and coaching thousands of networkers globally, I consider the following reasons for why goals are not achieved:

  1. Most people do not have a goal, and if they have one, it is in their minds, which makes it a wish. When you write down your goals and set a deadline, the chances of attaining your goals increases from 5%to 80%.  
  2. Most people are ambiguous in setting goals. Remember, clarity and simplicity is the solution to achieving goals.
  3. Don’t have too many goals, set one high priority goal.
  4. People fail to achieve goals because they have little or no planning. When planning, identify the obstacles in achieving the goals, and then brainstorm action steps to overcome the obstacles.
  5. The most critical part is execution. Make a definite plan of action and prioritize it on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  6. Achieving goals is not a random, one day, or one month action, but it is 365 days of disciplined acts.
  7. Many networkers fail to accomplish their goals because they do not have someone to guide them or hold them accountable. Have a coach and mentor.

The goal of a networker should be to build a great network by communicating with people in order to find the right prospects, who will then become their business builders.

I wish you and your loved ones a very prosperous 2017 and beyond!