DXN Company

There are lot of new members and of course prospects, who wants to know about DXN company. I have made a short video on it. You can learn few things as well as share with your prospects to know about DXN company.

Great company with beneficial products, helping mankind since 1993.

DXN Website Webinar in Urdu

I am glad to share my latest Urdu webinar where I have highlighted the importance of DXN website and eWorld.  How one can use the website to expand the business globally?

The link of the Webinar is given in the following You Tube video:




Journey to Crown Ambassador – Part 3

In my journey to the top status, I used the One World, One Market concept to expand my business globally, got connected with the top gurus in Network Marketing industry, used the home office to coach people and empowered women in Gulf.

This video explains how I did it and what you can also learn from it.

Journey to Crown Ambassador – Part 2

This video is the second part to ” Journey to Crown Ambassador” Network Marketing business is like any other business, which requires hard work and skills to succeed. In this video, I have elaborated the success tips.

My Journey To Crown Ambassador

I was one of the speakers in the first European Camp held in May 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. I am happy to share what I did to become Crown Ambassador and what lessons you can learn from it.  The practical success tips have been divided in 4 parts and this video is the introduction.

Helping the Night Blind Children

Eyesight and to see the world is one of the greatest blessings from God to us. Ask a person who could see and now has become blind due to night blindness or retinitis pigmentosa (RP). I met such a person, Akram Lodhi, who had become blind due to RP. He is now the Chairman of the Vision Foundation (http://visionfoundation.org.pk/) and helping the blind children in Pakistan.
I took a deeper look into this ill fated disease and did some research on night blindness. I was shocked to read the harsh facts. The WHO estimates 13.8 million children to have some degree of visual loss related to vitamin A deficiency. Approximately 500,000 children in the developing world go blind each year from insufficient vitamin A. Approximately half of those children die within a year of becoming blind. http://www.who.int/nutrition/topics/vad/en/ In order to see the problem first hand, I traveled to a village about 50 KM outside Karachi, Pakistan. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the plight of the night blind children.
I thought that blindness is an incurable disease but to my surprise I saw the positive results,  who after taking natural food supplements, Spirulina and Reishi mushroom could see after a few months. That was the time, I decided to join hands in this noble cause.
Through our humble efforts, DXN network and support of people around the world, I promise to help as many children as possible to get back their eyesight. Since the project started in Pakistan, I will continue to see further results and take this mission further to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, The Philippines, Africa and the rest of the world.
The project is huge and the total cost for 6 months for one child is about $700. My appeal to you is to come forward, take one blind child and help her/him so that they can see the world. Or just donate any amount of Spirulina and Reishi. Please get in touch with Mr. Akram Lodhi and donate via, http://visionfoundation.org.pk/index.php/donate/
God bless you.
Doing good for others gives comfort to the heart”
Mohammad Fatemi Ghani

My Journey from a Member to Crown Ambassador

Few years back, DXN informed me that they are planning to make my success story. So, I thought, why not I jot down my 10 years of journey and what I did to achieve that success. It took me almost two weeks to brain storm and write the script so that others can learn the business skills.